Yea, the LORD will give what is good
Ps 85: 12

“This is for your own good.” How often is that said to us or do we say it to others? What is good for us isn’t always what we like. You don’t get much argument when someone comments that the best food is bad for you. I started going to gym. I don’t like it at all. But it’s doing me good. I can feel it, I’m more agile. A good life is in fact a disciplined life, not a free-for-all. The “bad” things are good for an occasional treat, and we enjoy them all the more for practising discipline rather than self-indulgence. Thus it shouldn’t be a surprise when we don’t always like the good things from God: the set-back that makes us stronger and teaches us wisdom, the illness that teaches us compassion, the absence of friends that makes us appreciate them all the more when they return.
God, nudge me to value the lessons that life’s ups and downs teach me, rather than moaning when my turn at tough times lands on my doorstep.